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Entry doors function as more than a way to provide ingress and egress; they also can add a splash of pizzazz or imbue a touch of elegance to a home or building.
With styles and options always changing, these 12 trends in entry door designs are some of the most popular right now.



The longstanding Danish concept of “hygge” – the feeling of wellbeing that comes from being cozy, comfortable and content – is now internationally known, and it’s translating into the design of everything from clothing and furniture to entry doors.

Scandinavian design centers on simple, understated, well-made products in natural tones and matte finishes. Textures are often visual and natural, and may incorporate dimensional patterns. Color palettes use neutral and desaturated tones, such as blush tones paired with a single bold focal point.

For a more noir look in this style, darker neutrals add a sense of drama. Steel doors with glass panels provide a cool, industrial feel while adding light and warmth.



By applying the best parts of rural style to city spaces, this trend centers on sustainability and outdoors-inspired living. A Craftsman-style front door with sidelites highlights original details and brightens a home, while natural elements like wood doors add rustic luxury.


with a modern twist

Traditional entry door sizes, shapes and designs are getting a modern refresh – think classically light, airy designs pepped up with bright, lively color palettes.


to light

Flush-glazed doors with a plugless rim can create up to 17 percent greater access to light, creating an airy, open feeling.



Modern design is often thought of as being stark and monochromatic, but a new entry door trend combines experimental styles and unusual details with a softer touch, using mixed materials, bold accents and classic touches like etched glass.



More than 3.4 million Americans work from home at least half the time, increasing the need for flexible, multi-functional spaces. Achieve the look with industrial accents and modern paneled doors.



The Craftsman style is known for its simple shape and clean lines, which has given it staying power and versatility in both contemporary and traditional homes. Craftsman-esque entry doors create a distinctive look with just the right amount of privacy, and access to light can be accentuated with interesting grille patterns.



International travel has surged in recent years, and travelers want to bring their adventures home. Designs can convey wanderlust by using wrought-iron accents, warm colors and arched maple doorways.



One in five homeowners are single women, so many spaces are being redesigned with the needs of modern women in mind. Incorporate biophilic elements mixed with pale hues, luxurious touches and doors with glass.



Dark home exteriors are a current trend, and that extends to entry doors. Matte black is a popular door color, creating a sophisticated, moody vibe.



When replacing or installing an entry door, builders, architects and remodelers used to be limited to buying a standard-sized door and modifying the opening to make it fit. Now, they can order specific door widths, heights and depths to fit the exact opening size. Custom sizing means a much better fit to the home’s look and reduced installation time.



While white doors remain popular with homeowners, many people are looking for ways for their homes to stand out from their neighbors’, and one way to do that is with a unique entry door color. Designers and specifiers can encourage customers to: select a stain color to give a steel or fiberglass door the look and texture of a wood door; use a glazed finish; or simply paint their entry door a bright, unexpected color – think turquoise or dandelion yellow.

By: Michael O’Brien

President and CEO of the Window & Door Manufacturers Association.

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