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Black can be an intimidating color to work with, but for certain applications, it shines like a diamond – and one of the current hottest design trends for both homes and commercial spaces is black window frames.

Architects, builders and remodelers creating new spaces, or helping their customers with a home or building redesign, should consider black window frames for the following reasons:

They’re versatile.

While black is usually considered an ultra-modern color, when used correctly, black window frames can complement a multitude of styles – traditional, industrial and contemporary – and pair with the full color spectrum.

Black frames can create an elegant accent within a traditional home, or provide a stark backdrop within a modern house or commercial space. They can appear either throughout an entire space, or in select areas to highlight certain architectural features.

While versatile, black window frames do not work for all projects across the board – for example, within a period home, it may be best to only use black frames if they were part of the original design scheme.

They make a statement.

The clean lines of black window frames reinforce the geometry of a structure and provide definition, inside and out.

They create a striking contrast against white or light-colored walls or furniture, and when used in an atrium skylight, they draw the eye upward and serve as a dramatic way to daylight a space. Homeowners especially appreciate the curb appeal they add to a residence.

They can stand out – or blend in.

Black window frames provide an elegant design element that can define a room or space with stark lines. On the other hand, they also can act like a shadow line and blend into the background.

They enhance a view. 

While black frames add contrast to the exterior of a home or building, for those inside looking out, they turn every view into an outlined still life. They create the illusion of a more open view, minimizing their visual weight compared with the outside world, which makes them especially useful in commercial buildings looking onto cityscapes, or for homes situated within nature or near a body of water.

Combining the best of time-tested design and production quality-control practices with state-of-the-art robotics and automation for precision and repeatability ensures high-quality doors, windows and skylights.

They eliminate the need for window treatments.

With black frames creating an aesthetically interesting visual element within a space, there’s no need to block daylight by hanging curtains, draperies or blinds for an accent; the frames do the heavy lifting.

Important to remember is that black will absorb more heat, so if windows face west, or if the home or building is located in a climate that gets very hot, heat transfer can be negative. Thermally broken aluminum frames solve this problem; they feature plastic separators to prevent heat from transferring between the internal and external frames.

They are available in a multitude of materials that can suit any budget. 

Aluminum is a budget-friendly window option for both renovations and new builds, and black aluminum is an easy way to make any space look more upscale.

Black fiberglass and wood are useful for either modern and classic styles; on the high end, blackened steel adds texture as well as visual appeal within industrial and contemporary spaces.

By: Michael O’Brien

President and CEO of the Window & Door Manufacturers Association.

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