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Webinar Overview 

This educational webinar from WDMA, Understanding Sound Transmission Class Ratings: Attributes of Architectural Interior Door Design and Performance Criteria, focuses on the primary attributes for architects and building owners when specifying architectural interior doors where sound transmission is a design consideration.  

When specifying doors to address sound mitigation, it is important to understand the attributes of door design and the performance criteria that will meet design requirements for sound transmission control.   

What You Will Learn 

The purpose of this course is to examine the primary attributes and issues related to sound control utilizing architectural interior doors with Sound Transmission Class ratings (STC).  

Sound Transmission Class is the rating of sound isolation of a building wall assembly or floor/ceiling assembly, and other specified materials that also make up the assembly. The rating is measured in decibels and can include doors, windows, and other openings and penetrations. The higher the STC rating number, the greater the sound isolation the building assembly achieves. 

By the end of this webinar, you will understand: 

  • The testing criteria for Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings based on ASTM standards 
  • How model building codes reference sound transmission and the necessary requirements, all in an effort to address the health and wellness of a building’s occupants.  
  • The performance criteria when selecting door products to help improve the user’s experience and mitigate noise pollution.  
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