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Each year, the Window and Door Manufacturers Association partners with the Farnsworth Group, a  market research provider in the building materials, hardware and home improvement industries, to survey architects, builders and remodelers about rising trends and future predictions.

The 2019 U.S. Market Research report yielded a number of interesting insights, including a number of current and future design and products trends to keep tabs on.

Design trends

in home remodeling projects

During the 2019 survey, the top four trends architects saw increase in popularity in the last five years were open floor plans (19% of architects surveyed); mud rooms (19%), modern/contemporary styles (12%) and kitchen remodels (9%).

In 2013, architects had predicted energy efficiency, system automation, smaller houses, and open floor plans would be the top home remodeling trends. When surveyed five years later, only 7% of 2019 respondents actually had seen home sizes decrease. Eight percent of respondents noted increases in technology/smart tech/voice activation (not too far removed from 2013’s system automation prediction) and 7% saw more green/environmentally friendly remodels (similar to 2013’s energy efficiency prediction).

Other 2019 rising trends included granite/stone countertops, vintage/traditional designs and landscaping/outdoor spaces – all of which were seen by 7% of respondents.

As far as the future is concerned, 20% of architects surveyed believe that technology/smart house devices will continue to grow in popularity. Another 14% think green/sustainable building materials will become more widely adopted. Other future forecasts include the rise of minimalism (8%); modern/contemporary designs (7%); and smaller homes/spaces (7%).

Top responses to this question in 2013 included energy efficiency (green and solar); technology; smaller homes; and open floor plans.



Architects were asked whether they think the sizes of homes will increase, and half of those surveyed said yes, with 40% saying they will “somewhat” increase and 10% responding they will “greatly” increase. Reasons they listed for their belief of increased size included the desirability of open space; bigger families/more people at home; cost/economic factors; materialism or status; and economic recovery.

Nineteen percent think home sizes will stay the same, while almost one-third of architects surveyed think home sizes will get smaller (4% think sizes will greatly decrease, and 26% think they will slightly decrease).

In 2013, 75% of architects believed homes would get smaller, but only 7% of those surveyed actually saw that as a trend in 2019.

energy star windows

Home layouts/

floor plans

When asked what home layouts or floor plans would be in demand over the next five years, the two trends architects called out were open spaces and flexible floor plans (as opposed to separately defined, enclosed rooms), and easier accessibility within the home (e.g., wider hallways, fewer steps), with nearly three-quarters of respondents believing both of these would become more popular.

Other high-in-demand layouts could include easier accessibility into and out of the home (e.g., via ramps or on-grade entrances); more informal spaces; single-floor designs; and partial wall divisions (as opposed to floor-to-ceiling). Respectively, 65%, 56%, 53% and 32% of architects surveyed predict homeowners’/homebuyers’ interest these four trends will increase.

In 2013, architects responded with similar predictions and in the same orders and percentages, although 2013 saw “accessibility within the home” as becoming more in-demand than open space.

By: Michael O’Brien

President and CEO of the Window & Door Manufacturers Association.

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