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Pandemic work from home office design trends architects builders

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed every aspect of our lives: from the way we shop, to how we work, travel and live. As part of these changes, homes have been affected as well, with homeowners converting rooms into home offices, adding outdoor areas and enlarging rooms to facilitate family activities. In other words, the pandemic has altered the way people view their homes, changing the mindset that the home is a sanctuary. Now, after almost two years, mask mandates are slowly being lifted and companies are shifting to hybrid settings for work.

With these transitions happening, architects, remodelers and builders have to think forward about what is going to happen to home designs in a post-pandemic world. In this article, we are going to examine which trends are here to stay even after the world goes back to some normality.

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Daylighting Remains Strong

Over the past 20-months, everyone has spent a significant amount of time within the walls of their homes. Many homeowners realized that their houses lacked comforts that could provide a safe space from the bustling world. Although many people are returning to in-person work and are rejoining neighbors and friends in pre-pandemic activities, the yearning for a home that provides wellness for its residents is expected to remain strong. An effective strategy that has proved to increase productivity and improve health is daylighting, a technique by which the amount of natural light in a space is maximized. Architects, builders and remodelers expect to see this trend to continue, with consumers continually asking for larger windows and doors to let the natural light in. In addition, larger windows favor the desire for open floor plans, bringing light to areas within the home.

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Bringing The Outdoors In

Something that homeowners have learnt to cherish during quarantine is a renewed appreciation for outdoor spaces. These have turned into a place to breathe in some fresh air and step away from the commotion of the house. People have invested in their outdoors, adding furniture and décor that’s both comfortable and functional. Some people even started gardening as a way to keep themselves busy, while seeking a healthier life style. To allow homeowners to use indoor spaces as they were outside, architects, builders and remodelers have implemented different strategies: from using sliding doors, to adding pass-through windows, to incorporating folding glass doors. People will continue to find increased value in being connected to the natural environment.

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Andersen Open window with breeze and light coming in a home Outdoor Nature Design Trends 2022

Healthier Environments

With increased attention to healthier interior environments due to COVID-19, homeowners have been focusing on the need for improved natural ventilation and attention to indoor air quality (IAQ) in their homes. In fact, confined rooms with no direct access to good ventilation have been linked to have higher levels of CO2, which can lead to headaches and fatigue. That has launched a demand for natural ventilation throughout homes, through larger openings like windows, sliding doors and skylights. Installing a larger window or door also goes hand in hand with the pursuit of maximizing daylighting and wellness, as well as optimizing the performance of the home— now seen as a sanctuary.

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Wellness Mental Health Covid 19 Home design trends 2022

The design trends that have emerged during the pandemic reflect the deep wish of homeowners to value a home that is a safe space from the world’s hustle and bustle. The lessons of the pandemic are likely to stay front and center in buyers’ minds for some time, with home design trends echoing that strong desire for home comforts, wellness and improved functionality.

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