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Architects, builders and remodelers should anticipate a growing demand for these five door design trends in 2019, for both residential homes and commercial buildings:

Flush Doors

This is one of the most popular interior door designs in the market right now, with a wide variety of residential and commercial uses. Their low cost, minimal upkeep and durability make them an attractive option for new apartments and large hotels, as well as a compelling buy for the busy homeowner or small business looking to lower housekeeping costs.

While their simplicity and sleek look is attractive to many, they can also be customized with veneer patterns and wood finishes like red oak or walnut to create a more distinctive look.

Interior Barn Doors

These interior doors appeal to homeowners looking to divide large rooms (e.g., a kitchen and living room). Their functionality in small spaces make them an appealing buy for all homeowners, as they require only simple installation above a wall to move back and forth, with no need to knock down any walls. The doors’ sliding feature also creates convenience for homeowners looking to eliminate the space that doors take up when they are opened.

Consumers also appreciate the visual appeal of barn doors, as they add a distinct contrast to a room due to their rustic and modern designs. Their aesthetic creates the same effect as a piece of artwork in a bland space, and they come in various wood and glass options.

Steel Doors

Steel doors’ durability and sturdiness provide a sense of safety and security for home and business owners. They can be smooth or textured and finished with different paints or stains, giving designers and buyers a variety of options from which to choose.

The material also makes the doors fire resistant and acts as a natural ventilator with the appropriate insulated core.

Full-Height Doors

For both interior and exterior doors, the bigger, the better this year. Doors eight feet tall or higher give homeowners the feeling of a larger and more spacious room without having to add or eliminate any square footage.

Large sliding glass exterior doors in particular have become increasingly popular among homeowners. They create that outdoor-indoor experience and bring in natural light, which can provide benefits like reduced utility costs.

Pivot Doors

Similar to sliding glass and barn doors, pivot doors are another “moving door” trend that can enhance a home or office space. They offer a smooth transition from room to room and can help transform a plain space into an innovative, modern one.

While offices and larger businesses benefit most from this variety, homeowners have recently sought out pivot doors to make a statement in a room. Designers can also use them to highlight the architectural qualities of a new or existing home.

By: Michael O’Brien

President and CEO of the Window & Door Manufacturers Association.

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