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With most of consumers still working from home and companies shifting to a hybrid work setting, 2021 saw homeowners placing great importance on the comfort of their homes. They aimed to create practical home offices and celebrate their space through the use of specific materials, colors and choice of windows, doors and skylights. In this article, we are going to focus on highlighting the hottest skylight design trends and how homeowners can bring beauty and function to their homes thanks to several types of skylights available on the market.

A Variety of Skylights

Homeowners can indeed choose from a wide variety of skylights based on their needs and goals:

  • Solar-powered venting skylights: Powered by a solar panel, these skylights can be opened via remote control or smartphone app to provide fresh air in addition to natural light. They’re ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, stairwells and living rooms.
  • Electric venting skylights: Wired into the home’s electrical system, these skylights open via remote control or smartphone app to bring in the fresh air.
  • Manual venting skylights: Opened and closed with a telescoping rod, manual venting skylights provide natural light and fresh air to interiors. Recommended for bonus rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Fixed skylights: Provide a window through the roof to the sky for natural light in any room. They’re ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and foyers.
  • Tubular skylights: The most economical way to add natural light to a home, tubular skylights include a lens installed on the roof that connects via a highly reflective tunnel to a fixture attached to the ceiling. They resemble recessed or spot lighting, and bring natural light to any space, small or large. They are ideal for hallways, small bathrooms, kitchens and walk-in closets.
  • Large-span skylights: For homeowners wanting to create a glass ceiling look, large-span skylights can be constructed to span up to 10 feet and cover up to 35 square feet. They are available only as fixed skylights.
  • Roof windows: Designed for attics where the roof window can be reached from the floor, these windows bring natural light and fresh air inside. Available in center pivot, top-hinged, roof access and balcony options, most roof windows provide a point of egress as required by fire code.


Of the portfolio of skylights homeowners can choose from, there were some trends that dominated in 2021.


Is Queen

Consumers continued to add elements of nature to their homes, whether it was natural light, fresh air from skylights, incorporating houseplants or through the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone or metals. Blending indoor and outdoor allows in fact to enjoy the comfort of more living space while appreciating the phycological benefits linked to nature.

A Pop

Of Color

In 2021, consumers opted for bolder colors in their interiors, moving away from neutrals. Rich and bold hues add depth, excitement and personality to a room. They are thought to welcome a sense of optimism and make a statement when renovating. However, because skylights are a long-term investment and become a fixture in a home’s ceiling, white frames continued to be the most popular interior finish. Homeowners installing skylights in exposed wood ceilings often prefer a wood interior frame finish that can be stained or painted to coordinate with the ceiling color or finish.



Consumers desired a large expanse of glass when selecting skylights. This can be achieved with a larger-sized skylight or by grouping together several smaller size skylights to give the appearance of a single glass pane. Installing a larger skylight also went hand in hand with the pursuit of maximizing daylighting, as well as optimizing thermal performance of the home.

Style Wins


Skylights complement a wide variety of styles. Adding natural light from above enhances any design choice, whether it’s a boldly patterned bohemian interior or a neutral modern space. Contemporary style is always a strong performer and consumers continued to favor transitional, which blends traditional and contemporary styles. Mid-century modern, even for those who don’t own a mid-century modern home, also remained popular with consumers.

Moving Forward

Natural light from above is an enduring design element. With increased attention to healthier interior environments, including the need for increased natural ventilation and attention to indoor air quality (IAQ), we see the current skylight trends going strong through 2022 and beyond.

In collaboration with VELUX Skylights.

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