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Home builders seeking to build a sustainable home need to be aware of smart thermostats, which are included in the floor plan to create energy savings over time.

Smart thermostats can be programmed to set temperatures throughout the day to save energy when the occupant is not at home. Clayton, a leading builder of prefabricated and site-built homes, has started including ecobee3 lite smart thermostats in all newly built prefabricated homes.

Meanwhile, low-emission (Low-e) windows are designed with two glass panes to help block UV rays from entering the home during the day. This can help regulate the indoor temperature, as well as reduce UV-induced fading of indoor furniture by as much as 75 percent, as reported by

Sustainability is one of Clayton's core values, and it has adopted internationally recognized ISO 14001 green building standards for its home building facilities. Green building practices like recycling and dust control can divert several tons of landfill waste every year. The company was able to divert 17,476 tons of landfill waste using these green practices in 2017.

To deal with drought-intolerant landscapes and help curb wasteful watering, home builders can use a drip irrigation system. | October 23, 2018

(BPT) - Sponsored Ad Content by Clayton. For the 21st-century home, building with environmental sustainability in mind is a must. A sustainable, energy-efficient home makes the most effective use of building materials and natural energy. Many home builders look for new ways to ensure energy-efficiency measures are incorporated into their home features and construction methods.