Tubular skylights bring natural light into homes through a specially designed tunnel that passes from roof to ceiling, and are a simple and cost-effective way to add natural light to small spaces. They can be a better skylight option for some customers for four main reasons:

1. Tubular skylights are versatile.

While the idea of putting traditional skylights in every room sounds good, it’s not always practical. Some rooms don't have space for a full skylight, and some are under a part of the roof that won't support them. In these cases, tubular skylights are a great solution, because they fit where full skylights don't and can be installed on any roof pitch.

2. They're easy to install.

Tubular skylights are generally made up of three parts: a light-collecting dome that mounts to the roof; a diffusing lens that’s mounted on or recessed in the ceiling; and a mirrored pipe that connects the two. Unlike traditional skylights, builders, remodelers and architects don't need to worry about constructing a light well, so very little (if any) drywall work is involved. Sun tunnels also require minimal roof cutting, so most can be installed in just a couple of hours.

3. They’re cost-effective.

Based on the price of materials and ease of installation, tubular skylights are often a less expensive daylighting option, so so designers and specifiers can provide them to a wider variety of customers. Because they're smaller, they can also be more energy-efficient, helping homeowners lower heating and cooling costs.

4. They provide daylight without glare or heat gain.

Some rooms don't require as much light as others, but could still benefit from natural daylight. That's where tubular skylights come in: Daylight is collected at the roof opening and reflects down the tunnel into the room below, similar to a spotlight. And because tubular skylights are closed off completely and don't open, they're better designed to keep the house insulated, keeping summer heat and winter cold out.

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By: Kat Wiseman
Member of the WDMA PR Committee | Content writer for VELUX America

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